best year yet

What Cancer has Given Me

After my diagnosis, I was forced to slow down a bit from my everyday life. In doing so, I was able to appreciate the little things in life. Things that I would have just passed over without a second thought, like:

1. Colors—Colors are more vibrant and I see so many more then I ever had before. It’s as if I’m seeing things with different eyes.

2. Taste—I developed a taste for foods that I never liked before. All the things that I liked had bolder flavors.

3. Relationships—I felt a need to listen to people when they spoke. Instead of waiting to speak, I actually was listening to what people had to say. I found a greater desire to connect with people.

Having cancer did feel like a death sentence at first. However, after living with it for a couple of years and finding my new normal, I really don’t think that I would change a thing. I have a new appreciation for life and if my cancer comes back… I would do it all over again. Because, I’m not done yet.

A New Year a New Dedication

2015 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. I feel like it is going to be a great year for my passion in Photography. I'm looking for new venues to display my work, new areas to photo, and new perspectives to shoot my work. I will be adding new pieces to my web site, and new categories to my portfolio, as well as adding more content to my blog. Let just say, it will be a busy year and I am excited for the future. 

Hoping every one the best year ever.



Walnut Street Bridge at sunrise. Chattanooga, TN

Walnut Street Bridge at sunrise. Chattanooga, TN