Planning to Shoot

Ever wonder how some of the most talented photographers capture magical moments? The shots were planned. Some photographers plan days, weeks, months, and in some cases years in advance. A lot of photographer I've talked with, keep a journal of their shoots. They document the conditions or times to possibly revisit certain locations.

I plan my shots out, sometimes to the next season. In the Spring, when I go to a particular location, I try to picture what the Summer, Fall, and Winter scenes will look like from that spot. I write it down and set reminders in a calendar to revisit that area in a particular season. Sometimes depending on the weather conditions, this may even be a year or two away. I remember anticipating the bright colors of Fall, and getting ready to shoot a perfect spot, only to wake up to a heavy rain fall and winds. The leaves disappear almost over night.    

Below are a few shots that it took me some time to get just the way I wanted them. From the type of light to the amount of water flowing over the waterfall. I by no means am calling these shots great but, I know that the photographers that I follow plan their shots. And now so do I...