Print Your Photos

This is something that really gets me excited. All the work of setting up the shot, post production, processing, and finally... printing. I love seeing the final product mounted on the wall. 


     I remember the very first photo I printed. It was a shot taken in Pensacola, Florida, downtown in the winter. It was a guy riding his bike. He was riding in front of a building with a brick wall and I really liked the texture.  I printed it up on regular paper and ink from my everyday office printer. It was far from being epic, but I was proud, I was happy and most of all I was hooked. I am far from that first printed photo of Pensacola. 
     I've since invested in a photo printer, and the excitement is still there every time I print a shot. If you haven't printed your own work before, give it a try. It may take your work from a hobby to something more.