Photographic Style

When I first began my photographic journey, I wanted to find my own type of photographic style. I looked at thousands of photos, books, magazines, and videos in an effort to find something that moved me in this creative medium. There were 3 photographers that go back to time after time to draw some inspiration and learn from-

  1. Joe McMally - Joe showed me the importance of using the right light.
  2. Trey Ratcliff - Trey introduced me to the beauty of HDR photography
  3. Peter Lik - Peter showed me how important it is to see the big picture.

While studying these photographers and their work, I took a little inspiration from eacn in an effort to develop "my style". Years have passed, and now I believe you never quite stop developing your own style. For me it is a work in progress. However, during my search I did find a love for Landscape Photography, that I will carry with me where ever my projects take me.