Why I have an After Shooting Checklist

I was out on location capturing some beautiful images, I was happy to just be there. Having my camera made it all the more sweet. I spent most of my day getting different perspectives of this amazing place.

Chattanooga before a storm.

Chattanooga before a storm.

I got back to my studio to download my images, I couldn't have been more excited. After the download I began to review each file carefully. I got to the 5th shot and realized that the spots on the images were not birds, but dust on my lens.

A few days before, I was shooting waterfalls. It was a windy day and some spray must have made its way on my lens. It acted like a magnet and attracted any available dust to to it. I then spent some quality time touching up each image.

Lesson learned. After this particular experience, I now have an after shooting checklist that includes cleaning my lenses.